Basic SEO recommendations for developers


Title tag

  •  Add keyword in the title tag to show up on top for those keywords.

Header tag

  •  Use h1 tag on the top of your page that has a heading with keyword related to the title keywords.

Basic content suggestion

  •  Grammatically Correct
  •  No Spelling mistakes
  • Readable Font size
  • Shorter Paragraphs
  •  Images in the content
  • No Large popup, large popups increase bounce rate

Don’t just keep products.

  • Add links to product manual or customer reviews to keep the user and prevent bounce rate.

Dwell time

If user immediately click back google take notice of that, it’s basically a sign of low-quality page. To improve dwell time –

  •  Put high quality content
  • Simple Navigation and easy to read content
  • Page load time must be improved, user won’t wait
  • Mobile responsiveness
  •  Also make long engaging content to keep the visitors

Social sharing

  • Use social sharing and make sharing as easy as possible for users.

USE Latent Semantic Indexing.

  • You can get LSI from google search footer. It shows up when you search for something. These words are commonly found alongside targeted keywords.

SEO friendly URL.

  • URL should consist of keywords, and human readable.

Add multimedia, images to your continent, also optimize the image, and name the image with description every time of uploading them.

Use lengthy content and add subheadings to help user digest the content easily

  •  Break up long post with images.
  •  Add summary on the very top.
  • It’s great to use memes to add humor to the content
  • Develop social media profile to share lengthy content and social base

Use internal linking, basically means linking other posts on the same domain.

This can help preventing bounce rate, but before do that, always remember how user navigates and which info they can find useful base on their current location.

Have outbound links

links that points to other website, having no outbound links makes it look like you are hoarding likes. Get more links that point to other reputed pages on your content. Have at least two link on each content.

Off page SEO

  •  It’s not about just back linking, it’s also about quality blogs that links your page to other pages.
  • Create social profile (yahoo, Facebook,twitter,Instagram,flicker etc..)
  • USE Yahoo answer and question is a good way to get traffic.
  • Create a free business profile at google business, yelp, local merchants etc..
  • Get testimonials, client reviews
  • Create videos about your product, besides posting them on your page, you can share them on youtube,vimeo etc
  • Share photos on Flickr,Picasa,photo bucket etc so that other people can follow the links provided by you to your website.
  • Posts, reply,participate on forums. .
  • Submit your product to online shopping network
  • Use podcast to reach large audience
  • Guest blogging, 
  • Avoid Spammy links
  • Back links should be semantically relevant.

Find blogs to comment using Google Alert

Use platforms like Quora, add relevant topics, answer and post links to your website’s relevant content. 

Google Panda Update filters bad content websites from being on Top (Sec 11)

  • Auto Generated Articles,  Aggregated, Duplicate or Irrelevant content.
  • Poor user experience, google pays attention to user experience, bounce rate, low volume of returning visitor
  • Trustworthiness
  • Add About Us, Privacy Policy page and Security seals.
  • Avoid Bad spelling and grammar
  • Avoid heavily disturbing ads
  • Display Testimonials, press mentions
  • Make a website secured with Https
  • Provide Contact Information
  • Show portfolio

Avoid Panda penalty by making sure 5 thing.

  • Quality Content.
  • User signals.
  • User experience.
  • Trust.
  • Natural Optimization.

If you are stuffing your content or backlinks with keyword or stuff keywords in  building Panda is most likely to Punish you. Don’t over optimize. Over optimize includes Rich Anchor text for internal links. Unnatural links don’t look good to Google or user or to anybody.

Violating Google Policy

Low Quality Duplicate Content

Unrelated to your Niche

Spammy Comments

Thin Content

Google Humming bird detects keywords stuffing, paying more attention to word than words in a query. New Seo is not how you ranks for the keyword but to offer best answer for the query of user. 1. It targets Exact Match keyword targeting, 2. Keyword stuffing, 3. Poor user experience, 4. Thin Content.

Diversify the length of Your content

Produce Visual Content

Use Topic related Terminology

Conversation Content

Connected with influencers

Real, original, relevant and useful quality content will matter even more now.

Understanding Google Ranking Factors (Sec: 12)

One of the major ranking factor for google is backlinks are the links on other pages that points to your page. Google rankings are closely tied to a page’s overall link authority. It’s better to get a single link from an authoritative page than 100 links from 100 low-quality pages.

Having backlinks from sites that have been identified by google as bad sites will hurt your site. Also to avoid penguin penalty you need to have a certain amount of nofollow link.

Get different type of backlinks  such as from forum, news, blogger, social media, niche market etc..Relying on one type such as blog is a indicator of unnatural back links for Google.

Links found in the body of the website where the main contents are known as editorial links. These types of links carries the most weight. It’s more powerful than a footer link.

Backlinks that reaches your website through a 301  redirects is simply as authoritative as a normal link. To avoid Penguin penalty it must be mixed generic and branded anchor text with the targeted keywords.  Adding link in the start of the content carry little more weight than links placed at the end. Backlinks from relevant site is more effective. Links coming from pages that have same of tightly related keyword in their title is also more effective.

A link From a page that has a high number of social shares is worth more..

Links generate by user is less worth than the one created by the actual site.

Pages that has large number of outbound links, backlinks from them has very little value.


Google considers domain age while rank a web page but it is not the most important factor to their algorithm. A site with volatile ownership recommend google to refresh the domain history.

Page Level Ranking Factors

Target keyword in the title tag is a strong rank booster. Meta description relevancy signal. H1 tag is the second title tag.  Repeated keyword in the content is a relevancy signal. Longer content tends to ranks farther.

Page Loading speed is a strong ranking factor

SEO Optimized images sends important relevancy signals to search engines.

Google Caffeine update favors recently updated content for time sensitive searches. Adding removing an entire block of content is a more significant update than rewriting a few words.

Keyword in header tags (h1-h6) have always been an important ranking factor.

Outbound links increases site relevance.

Linking to similar domains helps search engines to recognize your Niche.

Multimedia content doesn’t directly improves search ranking but it enhances user experiences. It also represents content quality signals. Having keyword in url is another relevancy signal.

Google social ranking factors

Number of tweets and retweets from authoritative twitter accounts have more ranking values.

Pinterest Pins & Re Pins give strong social signals to google. Google utilize likes and dislikes on social sites like Facebook, Reddit, Twitter and Instagram etc. Brand name anchor text give strong  brand signal describes trustworthiness.

If you manage to get mentioned in a high ranking page like CNN it will have a great impact.

If people are searching for your brand in google it’s a sign of popularity of your brand.

Twitter presence of the business indicates popular brand. Get official LinkedIn company page.  Popular brands have official linked in page with description and list of employees with LinkedIn account. Site have Facebook page and Employee with LinkedIn profile is a sign of a popular brand.

Have contact us page. Google prefer sites with contact us page that have appropriate amount of contact information.

Page update is a site wide freshness factor.

Sitemap enables search engines to index your page quicker and more effectively. It boosts your ranking.

HTTPS is a weak ranking signal. But it matters.

Have terms and privacy pages.

Breadcrumb navigation is a important factor.

YouTube videos are given preferential treatment in search result.

Having analytic and webmaster on your website such as Google Analytic and Google Webmaster can help search engine to have more info on your website.

Click through rate is a sign of user based human interaction signal. Website direct traffic is considered sign of a high quality page. Sites get ranked up if it’s book marked on Chrome by it’s users.

On site web spam ranking factors

Website that has lots of adds and less content is penalized by google.

Linking bad website to your website may also downgrade your site value to search engines.
Tricks like key word stuffing, header tag stuffing will be considered as over optimized and will be penalized. Meta tag can also be used for keyword stuffing, if google suspect you are trying to trick the algorithm, your website is likely to be penalized.

Tricky redirects will get your site not just penalized but also de-indexed.

Google rater guidelines confirms that pop up and distracting ads are sign of low quality websites.

Sites that have affiliate links are put under observation by Google.

Sudden influx of backlinks is a sign of deceptive links to google. Google sometimes put them in sandbox and limits their visibility.

Back links from the websites on the same server IP is an indication of PBN.


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