A important Tip for new freelancers

Today I would like to give you an important advice, A lesson that I learned from my own experience, experience that I achieved by working as a freelancer for 6 years.

Always try to avoid Brokers when it comes to choosing and applying for Projects. Brokers usually are not experts on the projects they take from the original clients and then they hire on the same platform the people who actually can work and are experts on the fields. And to make a considerable profit, brokers pay the freelancers really low amount of fees. This is not a good idea for freelancers to go for the brokers to begin with as Brokers will make you work the highest amount with paying you the lowest minimum amount as possible.

You should try your best to avoid Clients from African countries and any country from Third World because it’s unlikely you will get a good client from there. If you fall into the broker, a broker from a third world will be the worst it can get. From personal expertience I find European broker are cool to work with, atleast the ones that I have met. And also they are not totally just brokers, they know how to work and manage projects, these are the different category of brokers from the type I am warning you about..

But Any brokers from India, Paksitan or NIgeria or Uganda is a red alert with the highest amount of danger.

The most effect way to recognize a broker is to look into his client profile. If you see that he has hired a lot of freelancers you can be almost 99% sure that he/she doesn’t work at all, he is
just very good at presenting himself/herself to fool clients into giving him project even though he/she is not capable of doing it.

So if you want to get good clients, stay away from brokers. And unfortunately they will be the one that will engage you in your conquest of sending proposals the most. They will force you to work more, provide al lot of free work and pay you the inhumanly minimu amount as much as they can make you. So do not fall for it.

Good luck!
Al Mahbub Khan
Smartupworld Websoltuions