7 Things to do before entering CA profession in Bangladesh

One of the most demandable professions in Bangladesh is Chartered Accountancy as the profession offers great value in career development. Even though it has prospective, it may not be adaptable for everyone due to some limitations involving adequate funds, nature of work, social life, etc.  If you’re someone who is thinking about entering the CA profession, this blog may be helpful to you. So let’s check out seven considerations!

Evaluate your FINANCIAL Backup

The fact is that most of us enter the CA profession after finishing our graduation. When you are graduated, your family may expect you to earn. Maybe it’s not true for everyone. But it is typical in our country.

To be honest, the expectation from your family is as valid as your dream to become a chartered accountant. The saddest part here is that not only you will be incapable of earning money for your family or yourself during studying chartered accountancy but also your family has to bear your expense for almost three years. Okay, you may be wondering about the allowance the CA firms provide. In reality, these allowances are so benign that they won’t be material.

Be GOOD at English

The whole academic curriculum is based on English. If you are weak in English, the pathways to becoming CA would be more rigid. Even though you are well prepared on the subject, you may not qualify since a good presentation in English is essential in your scripts. So strengthen your adeptness to the international language.

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Research on good firms

Before taking a step to be employed in a firm, please check the firm’s reviews and recommendations. As the articles period is mandatory, you do have to work for a firm for a minimum of three years. Now I am about to say some harsh truth that is an open secret in the CA profession. Some CA firms create so unfavorable conditions for students that their dreams to become chartered accountants are shattered. I am not talking about all of the firms. All I want to say is that you have to avoid the bad apples.

Even though the wrongdoings are highlighted and reviewed by ICAB, some firms still make their way to do these things. Sometimes it is related to allowance. Sometimes the issue is about providing the appropriate amount of conveyance. And it’s the environment itself. Above all, there are some good firms out there. All you have to do is to research and enter a good firm.

Think twice if you are in a relationship

As earlier I pointed out financial aspect in CA life, the same reason could impact your relationship. You may face taking extra pressure if you are in a relationship while studying chartered accountancy. Since a CA aspirant has to be engaged in this profession for three years with zero income, it may be tough for someone to maintain the relationship.

Forget about CA CC

If you have no desire to sit for the exam or become CA, I highly recommend you not enter this profession. Why would I say something like that? The reason is your perceptive value on CA CC. Those who have no desire in sitting for the exam, have high hopes that their course completion (CA CC) would be a great tool to get a well-paid job. But reality says another thing. The CA CC brings no good in consideration of a fresh start after the articles period.

In my opinion, the high perception about CA CC may turn aspirants indifferent to sit for exams.

Check your patience

This profession is for the one who values the idea of patency. Yes, patency is a virtue in general life. But you have to be extra patience in the CA profession. The job itself is tedious. So being patience will help you to survive. Without having the patency, you may end up having a lot of unnecessary anxiety disorders. The highly competitive lengthy curriculum will test you every single day as attention and dedication are much needed in this profession.

Do what you like, or like what you do

You may get the idea of what I am going to talk about now. When you enter this profession, you have to be committed as most of the time yours will be consumed in verifying financial statements, documents. If you hate being there, it would be really tough for you to survive. So ask yourself twice if you really want to be in this profession that has many challenges faced by you afterward.

I was not trying to discourage you. I, simply put some relevant facts on the table so that it would be easier for you to take the decision. The profession attracts many graduate students as it offers to gain real-life experience as well as to pave the way to upgrade salary scale. However, there must be a balance of situations, resources, and capacity. But again, sometimes you have the capacity to win against all the odds. Students with no or weak financial backup made themselves FCA. Students who were married before entering the profession qualified. So, it’s your choice and will.



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