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Override Login Page Title | How to change Customer Login Title in magento 2?

Create a customer_account_login.xml file to change title of customer login For theme – app/design/frontend/{Packagename}/{themename}/Magento_Customer/layout/customer_account_login.xml For module – app/code/{Package}/{Module}/view/frontend/layout/customer_account_login.xml Add the following line in the xml file – <referenceBlock name="page.main.title"> <action method="setPageTitle"> <argument translate="true" name="title" xsi:type="string">LOGIN OR CREATE AN ACCOUNT (Your Custom Title)</argument> </action> </referenceBlock> Hits: 292

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phpmyadmin automatic logout time

# Edit your php.ini file- session.gc_maxlifetime = 1440 # Go to config.inc.php in phpmyadmin add the following code.. $cfg['LoginCookieValidity'] = 60*60*24*7; // 60*60*24*7 = one week If that doesn’t work,start praying..:D Hits: 214

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How to Install and Use YouTube-DL on Ubuntu 18.04 | Update Youtube-DL |

Install YouTube-DL – A Command Line Video Download Tool for Linux sudo snap install youtube-dl Update youtbe-dl Snap package- sudo snap refresh Only lists the updates snap refresh --list Remove YouTube-DL sudo snap remove youtube-dl Check available video formats youtube-dl -F "url" Download Specific video format youtube-dl -f 26(video id you …

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