10 Pro tips to look into when planning a Residential Move!

You could be moving for the first time, this time, or this could also be your fourth or fifth relocation. Anything is possible but if you are willing to make the journey flawless and favorable, looking out for a trustworthy, affordable, and professional moving company like Agarwal Packers is certainly the best decision that you can take. Drop the idea of moving alone and save yourself from time waste and hassled mind.
The reality is, some people can never even imagine pulling off house moves without expert assistance, and if you are also one of them, you must read out the household shifting tips discussed below:

1. Make a thorough plan – Planning is extremely important and that is not just for relocation, but for any life event. And when it comes to moves, the level of planning and brainstorming certainly doubles up. So, have a plan that meticulously covers everything – every aspect of your move – from the number of goods to move, the money to spend, the expenses to go through, the services to opt for, etc.

2. Fix moving dates/time – Before you decide and settle upon a moving date, you must first choose a favorable date for yourself – only then you will know the date you need to book the professional movers for. Though their availability also matters but if you are keeping your options open and many, finding an ideal slot with the movers is not tough. Choose your dates wisely because they also have a role to play to balance your moving expenses.

3. Personalize a checklist – A moving checklist helps in more than one way. It gives you an idea of the tasks you need to fulfill and things that demand your attention for closure. Just like we make a checklist of things before we go shopping, we must prepare a detailed list of things we need to address ahead of the move. You should close all your open tasks before you move out.

4. Do a quick home tour first – Next comes is your goods evaluation task. Before the movers assess the status of your goods, you must inspect that for yourself. Check every room and see how much out of them will you move and the ones you will leave. Try to move only what you will need in your new home. Shifting things unnecessarily will only shoot up your moving costs, and also drain your efforts and kill your time for no reason.

5. Estimating costs is crucial – As we mentioned, soon after you have decided what items you will transport to your new home, you should start budgeting for your move. By glancing over the positioning and magnitude of your goods, you will get an idea of how much you might be required to pay. Another thing to keep in mind is the type of packing and moving services you are planning to opt for your goods. Make sure you add up all possible moving costs to budget sensibly.

6. Plan for the moving day – At times, even the best of moving plans fail to address the important things and we realize this quite late. So, just when you plan for your move time in the transit, take special care of how you are going to go with your moving day. Wake up early if you have a morning move. Keep the packages ready so that movers quickly check the boxes once and shift them to the moving truck. Plan the clothes you and other members of your family are going to wear and make sure they are comfortable and breathable fabrics. Keep the keys handy, the documentation folder nearby, and the food kit in quick access.

7. Get ready to pack goods – Once you have planned that, make sure you pay attention to your packing tasks as well. You may have the professionals from Agarwal Packers and Movers assisting you with the job but you must attend all the expensive, sentimental, personal belongings on your own. Use the right kind of packing materials and the right techniques to ensure goods are safe. Number the packages or label them for a hassle-free unpacking, post-delivery.

8. Pay attention to details – If you are packing your possessions on your own, make sure you are wrapping them well and providing every article with the required protection. Add more than just a few coats of wrapping paper and bubble wraps if you are packing fragile items. The same goes with goods with a smooth finish and detailing. Every moving carton should have labels and ascertain that you are using the right size of moving boxes and not the wrong ones.

9. Complete all due tasks – Moves are never good when you have pending tasks on your account. Whether it is the payment of dues or purchase of essentials, notifying the authorities, or dropping important mails, you must work within the stipulated timeline so that all your pending chores are accomplished before you leave the place. If you have assigned your pre-moving duties to other members of the family too, keep in touch to know the status of the tasks.

10. Acknowledge movers – The movers were there with you from start till the day of delivery and their consistent support and constant help make your move manageable and successful. So, do not mind sharing a few kind words with them while they leave. Pay them above the estimated cost as a token of acknowledgment for their efforts. Offer some snacks, refreshments and have a light conversation about how the move worked out in their presence. Do not forget to ask for reimbursement if you spot any damage or loss of goods.

Shifting homes is overwhelming, but if you know which route to follow and what ideas to consider, relocating from one place to another can be made simple. We hope all the professional tips we shared in this article would be of help to you and if you have booked your move with the experts from Agarwal Movers and Packers, you will enjoy a fast, fuss-free, and favorable moving time.