Search Results Web results How To Create a Scroll Back To Top Button

window.onscroll = function(){scrollFunction()}; let scroll = document.getElementById(‘scroll-top-btn’); if(scroll){ = “none”; } function scrollFunction(){ if(document.body.scrollTop > 180|| document.documentElement.scrollTop > 180){ //document.getElementById(‘menu’).style.cssText = “position: fixed; width: 100%; z-index: 9; background: #fff; top: 0;”; if(document.getElementById(‘menu’).classList.contains(‘scroll-menu-active’)==false){ //document.getElementById(‘menu’).classList.add(‘scroll-menu-active’); document.getElementById(‘menu’).className += ” “+”scroll-menu-active”; } }else{ document.getElementById(‘menu’).classList.remove(‘scroll-menu-active’) } if(document.body.scrollTop > 20|| document.documentElement.scrollTop > 20){ document.getElementById(‘scroll-top-btn’).style.display = ‘block’; } else{ document.getElementById(‘scroll-top-btn’).style.display = […]

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Increase Virtualbox disk size on Ubuntu host and Windows guest

First run the virtual box and on the windows installation click settings. And from storage option disconnected the drive. Then go the drive location and run the following command to increase the disc size into 20 Giga byte. vboxmanage modifyhd win1064.vdi –resize 20000 Add from settings add disc. Choose adding existing one, and add the […]

How to Install NetBeans IDE on Ubuntu 18.04 / Ubuntu 17.10 / Linux

Download NetBeans from Follow the instruction Or do it like this.. For Linux platforms, the installer file has the .sh extension. For these platforms, you need to make the installer files executable by using the following command: chmod +x . Type ./ to run the installer. chmod +x ./ Then the installation […]