How to disable Windows 10’s window animations to speed up responsiveness | Disable Visual Effects in Windows 10 to optimize performance

From desktop, right click on This PC or My PC icon.. Or from control panel go to the following settings – Control Panel\System and Security\System Click on the Advanced System Settings on the left. And from the pop up option click on Settings under Performance. Select Custom for visual effects and uncheck them all except […]

Windows 10 dark mode

Just click on the start menu icon, and type “dark mode”.  Click on the “Turn on dark mode system wide”. It will open all the necessary options for you. From there you can choose a custom option or choose dark mode for default windows mode and also default app mode as dark. That’s it !

How To Free Up Disk Space On Windows 10

Free up Hard drives is a pretty famous topic.As their capacity increased a lot over time, yet somehow they always seem full ? This is even more bothering if you’re using a SSDs, which currently offers way less hard drive space than the others. If you’re looking for ways to keep you hard drive cleaned […]